Body Language: From Common Signs to Spotting Lies

March 28, 2018 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Uncategorized

Here is a great infographic that I found that I believe will be very useful to our readers! Steven Watson Body Language: From Common Signs to Spotting Lies Daisy Hartwell About the author: Daisy Hartwell is a traveler, writer, and blogger at Custom Writing. She has spent time in some European and Asian countries and even […]



Etiquette Tips for an Unorthodox Coffee House Job Interview

July 29, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Uncategorized

Most of the time, your interview will happen in a hiring manager’s office or at a conference table.  Every now and then, though, you’ll have a hiring manager ask you to meet them for coffee.  In fact, these types of meetings are becoming more popular in today’s business world. In these situations, etiquette changes a […]


Use These Two Personality Tests to Enhance Your Interview Skills

July 21, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Interviewing

Personality tests are designed as a fun, informative way to learn about yourself and your strengths. The information provided—introvert or extrovert, inquisitive or concrete thinker—provide insight into how you fit into society, into your social circles, and into the workplace. You can also use this information to build your interview skills and maximize your interview […]


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3 Résumé Tips for Older Workers to Use in Maximizing Their Appeal to Employers

July 18, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Older Workers Issues and Trends

The unique challenges faced by older workers in finding employment have been well documented by researchers and employment specialists. Statistics have been consistent in showing that workers over 55 years of age take longer to find employment than their younger counterparts. A related factor of equal importance is the upsurge in people aged 65+ remaining […]


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Body Language to Avoid During a Job Interview

July 14, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Interviewing

You’ve carefully crafted a cover letter, ensured your résumé reflected the skills and expertise you have that directly related to the job, and now you have a job interview. You already have a professional outfit ready and you’ve researched your potential employer. Now, its time to focus on body language. Believe it or not, how […]


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Channel your Job Search toward Small Business Ownership

July 11, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Career Change

Looking for new employment often provokes in people a bit of soul-searching about career goals and the possibly of a career transition. For many, this might mean serious consideration about small business ownership. This is no easy decision because, according to, 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within the initial 18 months.  So […]


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The Anatomy of a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

July 7, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Interviewing

  Let’s face it: standing out against the competition in today’s saturated, digitized market is no easy task. You could have all the credentials and experience necessary to qualify you for a position, but if you don’t market those skills accordingly, your resume could end up in the “pass” pile. Social media, which many employers […]


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No Lie! Effective Storytelling during an Interview Can Land You the Job.

July 5, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Interviewing

  There are hundreds of books and other resources online and on the shelf that provide sound advice to people on preparing for job interviews. However, there is one job interview technique that is often downplayed or not even mentioned—the art of storytelling to highlight important points. Storytelling as an Effective Job Interviewing Tool So what […]


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Do You Need a Personal Website? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First.

June 30, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

  It’s common knowledge that when a prospective employer thinks you might be a fit for the company, they do a little Internet research to learn more about you. Anything from social media pages to your personal blog are fair game to assess. With all this information already accessible on the web, is there any […]


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Three Reasons to Let a Professional Create Your New Résumé

June 27, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Résumés

One of the first things most people do when jumping into the job search melee is to obtain a résumé and related career materials, such as cover letters and a LinkedIn profile. This might mean sitting down in front of a computer to create a new résumé yourself or having it done by a professional […]


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