Here are some comments from previous clients…

“Thank you for your work on producing my résumé.  I didn’t tell you at the time, but I had actually hired two professional résumé writing services  I had contracted with another provider before you and I spoke but when I talked with you I liked your style and thorough questioning.  When I received résumés from your company and the other I definitely liked yours the best.  It was clear, concise, readable and you highlighted my skills and experience with carefully chosen words.

I applied for senior level positions in three areas of the US.  I was granted interviews in all three and was selected to lead the state of FL as the Sr. Vice President.

It was well worth the effort and expense of hiring you.  Thank you.”

Glorida J.


“Upon reading the résumé you drafted for me, I was so impressed that for a moment I forgot it was written about me and thought ‘WOW this guy has an impressive résumé!!’ While I’m fully aware all of my accomplishments, I had never seen them presented in such a professional way. Seeing your presentation of my talents and abilities gives me confidence in knowing that I will stand out above and beyond those with similar and even higher credentials. I find it rather amazing how someone of your talent can reduce the number of overall words in my résumé by at least a 3rd while saying 3 times more than what was originally said.”  Thank you!

Jeff W.


I want to thank you for your excellent work on the résumé/cover letter/bio package for me! I received a job offer for the Relocation Coordinator position this Thursday right after the interview! I will start after a background check on the 28th of November!  Thank you for your timely responses to my email correspondence and for producing a quality product for me! You are really skilled and talented in what you do!

Kelly G.


“I was looking for someone to update my résumé, consolidating all of my experience into a professional attention getting document.  It was no small task as I plan to seek positions in diverse specialties.

Steve worked quickly and efficiently to get this job done in a timely manner.  His expertise in choice of words and style speaks for itself.  He provided me with a dynamite professional résumé and an awesome cover letter!

I talked with a number of people advertising professional résumé writing services before making my decision to contract with Steve for my résumé update.  His calm professional manner stood out and I am more than pleased with his work.  He went far above my expectations.  Thank you Steve!”

Deborah H., RN


“Steven, I just wanted to let you know that I used the cover letter and résumé that you wrote for me to apply for an ideal career opportunity. I actually applied the same week of receiving your final rewrite. I relocated to the west coast that week also. Within 5 days of me being back on the west coast, I received a phone call for the interview. I was elated! Guess what, I was offered the job. As a matter of fact, FEDEX just arrived with my offer letter. Thank you…thank you.”

Pamela T.


“Steven provided prompt and excellent customer service. He delivered my résumé on time and I was very pleased with the end product. I highly recommend his services.”

Michelle W.

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