Use These Two Personality Tests to Enhance Your Interview Skills

July 21, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Interviewing

Personality tests are designed as a fun, informative way to learn about yourself and your strengths. The information provided—introvert or extrovert, inquisitive or concrete thinker—provide insight into how you fit into society, into your social circles, and into the workplace.

You can also use this information to build your interview skills and maximize your interview experiences. Two personality tests in particular, the Myers-Briggs profile and the Fascination Test, give invaluable insight.

The Myers-Briggs assessment, which can be taken for free, provides information into your personality type, how you think, how you make decisions, and more. This profile is designed to give you insight into how you operate.

The Fascination test, which is also available to you free of charge, provides information on how others see you. Based on your answers, the Fascination test pinpoints your most valuable assets and then helps you articulate those traits to potential employers. Let’s delve a little deeper into how each of these tests can help you during an interview:

The Myers-Briggs Assessment Equips You with Self Knowledge

Having an awareness of how you handle situations, participate in a group, and work through problems is your best asset. Self-awareness culminates into confidence. This knowledge also helps you define what your assets are in the workplace and gives you the ability to convey them in an interview process. Personality types are conveyed in four-letter codes like INFJ or ESTP. Each letter has a specific meaning. Here are a few examples of the different meanings and how to use them in an interview:

Extrovert- if the assessment determines you have an outgoing personality, you’re probably comfortable contributing to a group conversation. This is an asset you can convey in the interview process by stating you’re willing to contribute new ideas when working on a team or in a group setting to solve a problem.

Feeling- implying that you’re more apt to act on feelings rather than thoughts, this particular personality trait might not seem like an asset in the workplace, but that’s not entirely true. People who are more in tune emotionally are also more empathetic, which makes it easier for them convey understanding toward others. This is a definite asset in the workplace.

The Fascination Test Tells You What Kind of First Impression You Make

First impressions are so important, especially in an interview. Wouldn’t it be invaluable to know what kind of first impression you have on others? The Fascination test provides you with this information which will improve your interview skills.

Just 28 science-backed questions give you insight into how others view you. This information can then be used to make sure you’re putting your best qualities on display during the interview process. The Fascination test will illuminate how you add value to an organization or relationship. Here’s an example:

The Mystique- This archetype thinks before speaking and rarely betrays how they’re feeling, which can be a great asset in negotiations. Additionally, The Mystique archetype commands respect because they carefully weigh decisions and speak with authority. (Paraphrased from How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead, creator of The Fascination assessment.)

Remember, this is how others perceive you, and you can use this information to leverage your best traits during the interview process.

Knowing facts about your own personality as well as how others perceive you affords you a unique advantage during the interview process. You can use this information to strengthen your interview skills by clearly articulating your assets and showcasing your best qualities. Will you take the personality assessments?

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