Do You Need a Personal Website? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First.

June 30, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

It’s common knowledge that when a prospective employer thinks you might be a fit for the company, they do a little Internet research to learn more about you. Anything from social media pages to your personal blog are fair game to assess.

With all this information already accessible on the web, is there any benefit to creating a personal website to use for professional branding? The truth is, it depends.

Here are some questions to consider before creating a personal website:

Is one of your social media channels appropriate for your professional persona?

Sometimes, it’s easier to tweak one of your social media pages to further your professional brand rather than go about the business of creating an entire website. You can easily use a Facebook Page, re-brand your Twitter page, or simply direct hiring managers to your LinkedIn page.

This might be a more viable option than creating a personal website.

Are you searching for tech/design/digital jobs?

If you’re in the tech industry or want to work in design, a personal website might help you stand out against the rest of the competition. In this case, a personal website gives you the opportunity to show off your tech skills in a way a traditional résumé will not. Showcasing your tech or design skills in a real world setting like this will provide a hiring manager with valuable insight and can keep you in the front of his or her mind as a prospect.

You’ll also have the option to add the information you want your prospective employers to see, rather than relying on your social media pages to convey your personality and professional aptitude.

Do you have the time and know how?

If you’re considering a website, you want to ask yourself if you have the time and the skill set (or the resources) to build a website. A personal website is an extra, and you’ll want to put your best foot forward. There are plenty of platforms like WordPress and Weebly that are relatively user friendly and intuitive, but if this is your first time building a website, you might find it difficult.

That said, if you have the resources—a friend that can walk you through the process—or if you’re comfortable learning how to build a website from YouTube videos, having a site could give you some advantage.

Additionally, building websites, no matter how intuitive the platform, takes a considerable amount of time. You’ll want to weigh whether or not it is worth it to take time out of your job hunt to build a site.

Creating and using a website as a marketing tool is a personal choicer. If you feel like you could benefit from one because of your industry or experience, definitely give it a go. If you think it could set you apart from the competition in a unique way, a personal website is worth the time and effort. You’ll just want to make sure you weigh the potential benefits against the time and cost.

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