Three Reasons to Let a Professional Create Your New Résumé

June 27, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Résumés

One of the first things most people do when jumping into the job search melee is to obtain a résumé and related career materials, such as cover letters and a LinkedIn profile. This might mean sitting down in front of a computer to create a new résumé yourself or having it done by a professional résumé writer.

So is it better to do the résumé yourself or is it best to have someone else do it for you?

Here are three reasons to let a professional complete your new résumé for you.

Good Writers do not Necessarily Make Good Résumé Writers.

Although you might feel very comfortable with your ability to create well-written documents, there are aspects to résumé writing that do not necessarily come naturally; they have to be learned. For example, how do you find a balance between substance and wordiness or how to you create an opening summary section that will interest people enough to read your entire résumé?

Virtually all professional résumé writers are certified from one of several recognized sources within the industry. They also have varying degrees of experience, but it does mean that they understand at least the basics of how to create a professional résumé document that will attract employers. A person wanting to create his or her own résumé probably do not have this background which creates a disadvantage in navigating the job market.

Self-promotion Comes Hard to Most People.

People are taught from an early age that bragging is bad and that they need to avoid seeming overconfident or arrogant. This message becomes a roadblock when trying to do a résumé yourself.

It is usually fairly easy to tell when someone has created their own résumé because of the lack of depth in regard to accomplishments or the use of targeted keywords that employers like to see. Over promoting yourself by making claims that are not true or that are exaggerated will be compromising in the long run. However, crafting a résumé that is articulate and compelling in demonstrating your prowess as an employee is fair game and critical to your success.

People Often can not See the “Forest for the Trees” When Writing about Themselves.

It is very difficult to sit down and create a résumé and other career documents that provide a compelling “big picture” of what you have to offer. You are too close to the material to really get a feel for how your background and experience fit with what an employer is seeking.

People who create their own résumés make the mistake of trying to just think about all of the things they have to offer rather than talking to someone about their backgrounds or even brainstorming and writing the information down. This act of documenting and processing information that might be compelling to employers is essential to making the best impact possible.

Trained professional résumé writers understand what questions to ask—either verbally or in writing—to gather the information needed for a dynamic new résumé. Although they do not have your perspective on your own experience and abilities, they do have the training needed to identify and effectively present your “big picture” offerings, including targeted accomplishments.


Professional résumé writers are not all the same. They can vary greatly in experience, writing skill, and overall understanding of how best to present your information to prospective employers. Many résumé writers can also offer guidance and support on productive job search strategies and even career planning.

The level of a résumé writer’s knowledge and skill is usually reflected in the résumé cost and service availability. It is best to research the background and capabilities of a professional résumé writer before plunging forward with the service. Check out the websites for the various organizations that certify résumé writers. You can also review writers’ websites and speak to them directly about what they can offer. This will definitely help your job search!

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