Google For Jobs Will Change Your Job Search Experience—For the Better

June 23, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

This week, Google officially launched its newest feature, which allows job seekers across all skill levels and industries to connect with jobs and employers. The goal of the platform is to bridge the gap between jobs seekers and employers.

As stated in the article put out by Google regarding the platform, job seekers often have to use multiple resources, such as websites, newspapers, and the old school “help wanted” signs, to find job opportunities and meanwhile a staggering 46% of the country’s employers are facing a shortage of talent.

Google’s new platform is structured as a one-stop-shop where seekers have access to as many job opportunities as possible and employers can reach the widest audience possible. Whether you’re looking for a career change or a college student on the hunt for a full-time gig, Google for Jobs has it all.

Here’s what sets the new service apart from other online job search sites:

Ultimate Customization

Interested in commute time and working hours as well as reviews on the company? Google for Jobs makes it possible to see everything in one place. You can search for a specific job title like “Account Manager” or search something more generic like “sales jobs in my area.” Google will provide you a comprehensive list that also includes information like work schedule options and reviews of the company if they’re available.

Real Time Updates

Keeping up with market changes, like when a new job is posted in your area of interest can be time consuming. Usually, you have to search the terms over and over to get the most updated list of job posts, but this isn’t so with Google.

The new platform gives you the option to set customized alerts on your mobile device so you can receive updates every time a new job is posted based on your search criteria.

A True One-Stop Shop

Google is working with job search heavyweights like LinkedIn, WayUp, and Career Builder to make sure those that use the new service have access to all the jobs posted in one place. No more hopping from one job site to the next to find jobs in your area of expertise.

Additionally, Google is working with employers directly, which means you’ll have first access to the jobs these organizations post, rather than relying on the job search website to scour the Internet and find postings that might be a day or two (or longer) old.

Job Search as Unique as the Seeker

Google’s primary goal in creating this platform is to integrate the human side back into the job search. Before the days of the Internet, jobs were obtained by walking into an organization and asking if they were hiring or through word of mouth. Face-to-face interaction was the primary way to find a job.

With the Internet, that personalized touch is no longer part of the process. Google wants to bring it back. The platform realizes not every job is for everybody. Though the title of the position might sound right, job seekers often find that the description or the company culture isn’t right.

In an effort to help job seekers connect to the right job, Google’s new platform integrates a plethora of filters so seekers can find the right fit.  This also helps companies with turnover since so many employers often aren’t filling their positions with the right candidate.

Overall, the new platform looks like it will be the most intuitive and time saving to date. It’s a win-win for job seekers and employers alike, and one more notch in Google’s belt when it comes to Internet take-over. Once you give it a try, let us know what you think!


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