Designing a Successful Job Search Campaign is a Personal Journey, but It Does Not Have to be a Lonely One

August 25, 2016 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Job Search Frame of Mind

The process for finding a great job is not the same for everyone. There are a wide range of approaches and strategies that can be used individually or as a blend, so identifying one formula that meets all job seekers’ needs is not possible. However, a common theme that underlies much of the guidance found online and elsewhere relates to the importance of reaching out to others to achieve job search goals.

For example, a post found on the Forbes online site in 2013 (older post but no less relevant)  lists six “best” ways to find a job. Of the six listed, four are related specifically to socially-oriented activities.

  • Contact people currently in your network.
  • Contact former contacts, including alumni.
  • Strengthen your profile and activity on LinkedIn (business-oriented social media).
  • Attend events to network with people of similar interests or needs with the goal of identifying opportunities and sharing experiences.

People Tend to be Social in Nature

For the most part, people are willing, and even enjoy, sharing their experiences related to job search strategies and campaigns, maybe because misery loves company or, more likely, because people often prefer to identify with a group, as opposed to going it alone.

So why should people seek out others when planning and implementing a job search campaign? There are several reasons why involving others can pay dividends.

  • It is easy to lose perspective when dealing with employment issues without feedback from others, often getting caught up in self-doubt or confusion on how to proceed.
  • There is no reason to reinvent the wheel in regard to creating job search strategies. There are tremendous resources available to help guide a job seeker—from professionals; social media websites, forums, and chatrooms; and even from loved ones and trusted colleagues.
  • Having the opportunity to help others by being a good listener, sharing information, and empathizing with their issues is therapeutic in itself.

Find Strength and Support in Numbers

Finding a great job does not have to be—and should not be—a solitary venture. It is critical for a job seeker to forge relationships with other people looking for work, as well as with people who can open important doors, such as resume writers, job search / career coaches, mentors, and recruiters. This reinforces the idea that finding worthwhile employment is not a static process, but is a journey that can pay future dividends in regard to making important contacts that can last a lifetime.

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