Generate a Successful Job Search Campaign by Employing an Executive Mindset

April 25, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Job Search Frame of Mind

There is a lot of information available on the web and in other published materials about the skills and attributes needed to be a successful executive. This suggests that there is a mystic about being an executive that does not really apply to other people.

It does not take a giant leap in logic to come to the conclusion that attitudes and attributes leveraged by executives can be used by anyone to be successful. You do not have to be working on Wall Street or for a Fortune 100 corporation to become a star in what you do for a living.

Here are five traits attributed to executives that are relevant to anyone wanting to build a dynamic job search campaign. This topic was addressed in a similar fashion in a previous post.

Demonstrate a Passion for What You Do
Passion and commitment cannot be faked. It is true that many people work in professions that are not their first choice because they feel they have to. However, if you are really serious about what you do for a living, embrace it as a life’s mission. That does not mean you will not change career direction over time, but recognizing that your work is very important and that you want to be the best you can be is critical. Passion is contagious and people will respect and admire your commitment.

Learn to Manage People and Processes
Good executives learn early on that building relationships and managing essential processes are important keys to success. When looking for new work, prioritize the importance of communicating effectively with others. Also understand that it is not sufficient to be competent at doing tasks, but that recognizing and communicating how to make tasks function better will be noticed (in a positive way).

Project Confidence, but with a Touch of Humility
People respect others who are confident in what they do. However, people also dislike others who demonstrate arrogance. Finding a balance between believing strongly in what you can achieve, while also recognizing that you are, in fact, a human being capable of making mistakes can be very compelling. Few employers want to hire people who do not demonstrate confidence in their own skills, but coming off as a specimen of perfection will certainly be a turn-off.

Commit to Continuous Learning and Improvement
Few executives rest on their laurels. Instead they look for ways to do things better. Most professions are very competitive, so job seekers can find and maintain an edge by always searching for new learning opportunities or innovative approaches to use in tackling real-world problems and issues.

Find a Mentor Who You Can Trust
It is not a sign of weakness to search out others who have more experience and wisdom in relation to career path issues.

Executives are often stereotyped as “lonely leaders” or people who rely on their own ambition and guile to succeed. Instead, executives are often quite open to seeking the counsel of others who many have a better command of specific processes or issues.

Job seekers can do the same by identifying professionals who can help them with a variety of tools, techniques, and strategies useful in finding great jobs. They can also join community job clubs to share ideas with other job seekers and seek out other networking opportunities.

Executives do not have exclusive rights to attitudes and behaviors that lead to success. Job seekers can benefit greatly from the time-tested approaches used by executives to build companies and talented teams.

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