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Use These Two Personality Tests to Enhance Your Interview Skills

July 21, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Interviewing

Personality tests are designed as a fun, informative way to learn about yourself and your strengths. The information provided—introvert or extrovert, inquisitive or concrete thinker—provide insight into how you fit into society, into your social circles, and into the workplace. You can also use this information to build your interview skills and maximize your interview […]


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The Anatomy of a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

July 7, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Interviewing

  Let’s face it: standing out against the competition in today’s saturated, digitized market is no easy task. You could have all the credentials and experience necessary to qualify you for a position, but if you don’t market those skills accordingly, your resume could end up in the “pass” pile. Social media, which many employers […]


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No Lie! Effective Storytelling during an Interview Can Land You the Job.

July 5, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Interviewing

  There are hundreds of books and other resources online and on the shelf that provide sound advice to people on preparing for job interviews. However, there is one job interview technique that is often downplayed or not even mentioned—the art of storytelling to highlight important points. Storytelling as an Effective Job Interviewing Tool So what […]


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Do You Need a Personal Website? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First.

June 30, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

  It’s common knowledge that when a prospective employer thinks you might be a fit for the company, they do a little Internet research to learn more about you. Anything from social media pages to your personal blog are fair game to assess. With all this information already accessible on the web, is there any […]


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Google For Jobs Will Change Your Job Search Experience—For the Better

June 23, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

This week, Google officially launched its newest feature, which allows job seekers across all skill levels and industries to connect with jobs and employers. The goal of the platform is to bridge the gap between jobs seekers and employers. As stated in the article put out by Google regarding the platform, job seekers often have […]


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Mastering the Art of Quitting Your Job

June 20, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Career Change

  Quitting your job can be a very uncomfortable thing to do. However, the days of holding onto a job for many years—even decades—are long gone. In fact, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that people, on average, change jobs an average of approximately 12 times during their careers with millennials doing so at a […]


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How to Proactively Research Potential Employers

June 16, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

  One of the main ways you learn about whether or not a company is right for you is through research. Typically, you look at their website, check out reviews on Glassdoor, or ask friends what they think about the company. You typically research salary information, take a look at their mission or vision statements, […]


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The Many Resources Provided by CareerSource Tampa Bay and Pinellas for Job Seekers

June 9, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

  The job hunt can feel daunting and sometimes lonely, but it doesn’t have to. In Florida’s Tampa Bay Area, we’re afforded many resources and opportunities, one of which is CareerSource. With offices across the Tampa Bay Area, CareerSource Tampa Bay and Pinellas arm job seekers with a diverse toolbox. Here are some of the […]


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Navigate a Successful Career Change through Careful Management

June 6, 2017 Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW Career Change

  The decision to make a career change can be simultaneously scary and exhilarating. In most cases, careers and jobs make up an important part of people’s identify and self-worth, not to mention their ability to produce a living wage. So taking the plunge into a career change is not a decision to take lightly. […]


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Finding Consistent Work as a Freelancer

June 2, 2017 Nicole Slaughter-Graham Job Search Strategies

  The freelance life looks like the perfect balance of work and freedom. Freelancers can make their own schedules, determine how many hours they want to work, and they can work from just about anywhere, thanks to modern technology. The lifestyle isn’t all glitz and glamour though. Freelancers can have a hard time transitioning out […]


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